Partnership Working

Since 2016 we have provided free of charge American cop car experiences to seriously and terminally ill children, teens and adult in authentic American Police Interceptors. These services have included but not limited to family days out, non-emergency patient transport,  wedding motorcades for those who are terminally ill and wish to marry their sweetheart.

We are proud to say that we have also worked alongside Police Departments as far away as France where we have supported orphaned children of the French Police as well as children from a French hospice and our awesome American cop car experiences have worked in a way that no drug or medicine could ever hope to achieve. 

An American Police interceptor(s) on the UK roads creates excitement that is second to none as people reach for their smartphones, but what if you could go one step further and help gift that excitement to an ailing child, teen or adult though a passenger experience. Now's your chance.

Right now, seriously ill children, teens and adults are counting on us and life shouldn’t just be about illness, it should be about wonder, joy and hope, that's why we're reaching our to  individuals and businesses and asking that you partnership work with us. This is an excellent opportunity to play a key part in an organisation that has a real impact on the lives of those we support, r
egardless of age, gender or race.

  • Support Vehicle donate its vehicle for free and as volunteers we don't ask to be paid, however, gifting an American Police Uniform to an ailing child and his or her sibling(s)  as indeed helping us with the cost of fuel and a small contribution to vehicle insurance and road fund licence is greatly appreciated.
  • Your can refer a work colleague, friend, relative, child, teen or adult from down the street or even from another country.
  • Support Vehicle is fervently committed to being good stewards of the support that we receive and thank you for your support.