Partnership Working

Since 2016 we have provided free of charge American Cop experiences to seriously and terminally ill children, teens and adult in authentic American Police Interceptors. These services have included but not limited to non-emergency hospital transport, family days out for kids with illnesses such as cancer, wedding motorcades for people who are terminally ill and wish to marry their sweetheart.

We have also worked alongside Police Departments as far away as France where we have supported orphaned children of the French Police as well as children from a French hospice and our awesome American cop car experiences have worked in a way that no drug or medicine could ever hope to achieve. 

Only a small proportion of people support us in any way, nevertheless we are proud to say that we have fulfilled dream come true American cop car experiences to many facing difficult times and contrary to what many believe its never depressing supporting children, teens and adults receiving end of life care, it can be sad but what offsets that is the smiles and magical memories that we have managed to create. These smiles and magical memories are priceless.

Right now, there’s a seriously ill children  teens and adults counting on us and together we can provide an American cop car experience as life shouldn’t just be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis, it should be about wonder, joy and hope. That's why we're reaching our to businesses and individuals and asking that you partnership work with us by referring a work colleague, friend, family member or perhaps someone you have read about fighting a critical illness who could benefit from an American cop car experience. 

We are not asking you to hire our American Police Interceptor or pay the drivers wages but we are asking that you help towards the cost of the fuel, road tax and insurance.  The average cost of fuel per journey is £0.33 per mile, road tax and insurance is approximately £1,300 per year. Although we have a donation page to cover the cost of vehicle maintenance and perishable parts such as tyres and brakes etc we appreciate when good companies donate such essentials.