We’re presented with images of America on a daily basis, not least through the magic of the silver screen. It’s here we see our heroes and villains battle it out for our entertainment, and more often than not, there will be a car chase or two involved and it’s during those chases that we’re fed scenes of powerslides and exciting vehicular antics. Well, the fact of the matter is that by seeing these cars on screen, we find ourselves wanting them. They become stars in their own right, and there is a power that comes from that and the American Police Interceptors are instantly cooler and more exciting than other cars. It’s that ability to excite in which Support Vehicle saw a wonderful way where an American Police Interceptors undeniable presence could continue to be a force for good. The American Police modus operandi is ' Protect & Serve’ and whilst our Police Interceptor might no longer be on the streets of the U.S, it continues to Protect & Serve in the most miraculous way. 

Ours is a straightforward mission to rapidly deploy our vehicle(s) and response team(s) of volunteers who work without wage to provide and deliver support to those who need it and all of our vehicles have served on the front line in the States and as you would expect fully loaded to the American cop specification with working lights and sirens.


You don’t know how your money is being used when you donate on line or simply hand over a bundle of cash and you don’t have any control over how the money is spent. 


You have every right to have an underlying fear that your money is just being wasted and really, why should you give your money to someone if you feel that they are just going to waste it. Support Vehicle is fervently committed to being good stewards of the support that we receive and we do things a little differently. At Support Vehicle we donate our vehicle(s) and uniformed driver(s) whereas businesses and individuals partnership work with us in support an ailing child, teen or adult facing a difficult time.


Our Partnership working program is about creating magical memories for those diagnosed and dealing with the trauma of illnesses such as cancer, this can be a work colleague, friend, family member or someone you have read or heard about. Support Vehicle is about being part of a team that gives back to the community and our Partnership Working Program is an opportunity which not only helps others but enables you to grow as a person and/or business with a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you.


Contrary to what many believe its never depressing supporting children, teens and adults receiving end of life care, it can be sad but what offsets that is when caring individuals and businesses come together, so why not hit the click the e-mail link below and drop us a line as to a non obligation chat over a cup of coffee.