We’re presented with images of America on a daily basis, not least through the magic of the silver screen. It’s here we see our heroes and villains battle it out for our entertainment, and more often than not, there will be a car chase or two involved and it’s during those chases that we’re fed scenes of powerslides and exciting vehicular antics.

Well, the fact of the matter is that by seeing these cars on screen, we find ourselves wanting them. They become stars in their own right, and there is a power that comes from that and the American Police Interceptors are instantly cooler and more exciting than other cars. It’s that ability to excite in which Support Vehicle saw a wonderful way where an American Police Interceptors undeniable presence could continue be a force for good. The American Police modus operandi is ‘to serve and to protect’ and whilst our Police Interceptors might no longer be on the streets of the U.S, they continue to serve and to protect in the most miraculous way through such services as; non emergency patient transport, trips to places of interest and much more.