From decals to lightbars, siren controller PA system to push bumper and reds and blues.

Making vehicles more visible, more effcient, more useful, and ultimately safer is the job of the 'accessories' that enhance and improve any Police sedan. Here is a look at the equipment fitted to our Ford Taurus Police Interceptor.

Our Police Interceptor is fitted with a Whelen Liberty 1 lightbar. Lightbars have stayed one of the most popular styles for emergency vehicles and even used by hauliers and off-roading vehicles because of their versatility and visibility. 

Whelen are one of the worlds leading siren controller and PA mic system manufactures and suppliers and our Police Interceptor is fitted with a Whelen type, 295HFSA5.

The outside of our Police Interceptor is also fitted with a bull bar with red and blue lights as well has red and blue lights in the wing mirrors.

Support Vehicle has been providing free of charge American cop services to seriously and terminally ill children, teens and adults since 2016.

We rely on support from private individuals and companies. We have set up a facility with DonorBox where its also possible to dedicate a donation in honour or memory of someone and in doing so create magical moments and memories for ailing children, teens and adults in a way that no drug or medicine could ever hope to achieve. Please choose an amount. 

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