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Car & Classic is the largest, busiest and most trusted marketplace for American Law Enforcement Interceptors, Cruisers and AWD's in the UK.

We have purchased and advertised vehicles on Car & Classic and can confirm that they have been professional and helpful at every stage. 

If you auction your vehicle on their website they send a professional photographer and write the most amazing and interesting factual story-line about the brand and model.

Their photographer takes honest photographs of your vehicle that promotes trust and honesty between buyer and seller and we would recommend that you give them a try.

Whether your looking for a muscle 911 Import Police Interceptor, classic or UK family right hand drive car take a look at their website; 

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Bluelite Graphics is a UK market leader in the supply of conspicuity livery to the emergency services. Supplying the majority of police, fire and ambulance services across the country.

Bluelite Graphics also design and affix commercial vehicle livery and only use the best of materials. 

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You only need take a look at the Graphics on our Police Interceptor to know your in good hands.

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Rent A Police Car have a wide variety of imported genuine American Law Enforcement Interceptors, Cruisers and SUV’s that have served on the front line in the States. As you would expect their vehicles are fully loaded to the American Cops specification! with working lights and sirens and film set ready. 

Their vehicles are also available for sale and hire as to a multitude of uses including but not limited to promotional work, weddings, proms, birthday parties and charity events just to name a few.

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Back in the bad old days, some cars might have rusted by the time they were due their first service. That's no longer the case, but that doesn’t mean modern cars don’t corrode.


In fact, look in any scrapyard and you will see a surprising number of relatively modern vehicles which have succumbed to the MoT tester’s screwdriver. Behind the plastic bumpers and trim, many cars on the road today can be slowly dissolving away. But what can you, as the owner, actually do about the problem of rust?


One of the few effective courses of action in preventing rust issues is to book your vehicle in straight away for a protective wax rust treatment at Trickett Welding; 01202 625 050

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Great deals on what we believe are by far the best brakes and discs around.

Any experienced car driver can tell you that being able to stop quickly is as important (if not more!) than being able to accelerate. That’s why having great car brakes and pads is crucial.

We recommend EBC Brakes - What's stopping you.

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There's a lot to love about McDonald's. like the deliciously juicy Big Mac and the crunchy, crispy, iconic French fries not forgetting the Happy Meal. 


And did you know! Ronald McDonald House in Southampton has 53 bedrooms to support families with children being treated at Southampton Hospital. 

We are not part of McDonalds.

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WIX Web Design & Digital Marketing

Maciej Konarzewski (Matt)

Matt is the owner of VISion Web Design & Marketing, his company designs and builds awesome WIX websites that help you get the edge on your competitors with a professional online presence. They offer no-nonsense marketing solutions that attract new leads, customers and enquiries.

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Matt is a WIX professional and 

the WIX platform has all the business features you need to run and grow your business.

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5.11 Tactical provides high quality, durable and affordable tactical clothing & equipment.


You can find the largest selection of 511 tactical gear at their online shop with Free UK delivery.


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On the 1st of January 2015, legislation was brought into effect which stated that a car displaying the TPMS warning light on the dashboard would result in an automatic MOT check failure. This legislation was a positive step towards ensuring correct tyre pressure, and saw improvements in road safety as a result of greater tyre pressure awareness.

We recommend the ATEQ VT305. 


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We have had the honour of using a friends Motorola radio and looking at installing a  


NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter, Car Battery Booster Pack, And Jump Leads For Up To 8-Litre petrol and 6-Liter diesel.


Shell V-Power Unleaded contains a friction reducing ingredient, which is designed to get to work at the heart of your engine to help critical parts move more freely. 


Protect yourself with Thinkware dash cam