Rent A Police Car

We are and friends of Support Vehicle, we have over a decade of experience when it comes to importing American Police Interceptors and have the largest fleet of Dodge Charger Police Interceptors in Europe, many of which are also for sale.

We work independently and jointly with Support Vehicle when it comes to supporting seriously and terminally ill children  but also have a commercial side as you can see from the below videos; which we hope you enjoy.


There is a contact form below so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you know of an ailing child, teen or adult who would benefit from an American Cop Car experience or why not make your wedding day extra special by booking one or more of our Police Interceptors, Cruisers or AWD's which in turn helps support an ailing child, teen or adult.


Regards, Chris


From a commercial aspect specialise in importing  and selling American Police Interceptors, weddings, film, TV, music/videos but to name a few.

Booking one of our Police Interceptors for your wedding or event early saves disappointment as our Police Interceptors, cruisers and AWD's are highly desirable as you can see from the videos.