Support Vehicle..

Supporting the seriously & terminally ill.
Non Emergency Patient Transport

It looks at home on the streets of any American city and so it should as it's a genuine USA Police Interceptor.


Our Interceptors are stationed 

throughout England and support ailing children, teens and adults. 

Contrary to what many believe it’s never depressing supporting children, teens and adults with a serious or terminal illnesses, it can be sad but what offsets that is partnership working with good companies and individuals like yourself.

Thank you for your support.

About Us

Support Vehicle is about creating joy and magical moments to those with a serious or terminal illness.


We can accomplish anything when we accept responsibility together.  

If you know of a terminally ill person who would like to marry their sweetheart with an American cop motorcade send an e-mail through our contact us page found on the menu bar above.


If you are looking for personal wedding hire

you will need to contact 

as Support Vehicle only provide services to those diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

Our services are free of charge to a terminally ill person wishing to marry their sweetheart. 

If only every child with a life-threatening illness could receive hospital transport in an American cop car. 

Rebecca  Age 32


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