We’re presented with images of America on a daily basis, not least through the magic of the silver screen. It’s here we see our heroes and villains battle it out for our entertainment.


It’s during those chases that we’re fed scenes of powerslides and exciting vehicular antics, but what’s this got to do with supporting ailing children, teens and adults.

Well, the fact of the matter is that by seeing these cars on screen, we find ourselves wanting them. They become stars in their own right and there is a power that comes from that.

We regret that we are unable to operate at the moment but by taking a tour of our website you will see our proven history as to how we have supported ailing children, teens and adults through an American cop car experience. 

Any support that you can provide in our hour of need is much appreciated.

We downgrading as to insurance and fuel costs.


“Our four year old son was dreading going to hospital as to open-heart surgery, however, when he knew he was going to hospital in an American Police interceptor he was up and dressed two hours early. All he could talk about was the he was going to tell the nurses and consultant was that, ‘he was an American cop'.

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